How To Tell One’s Temperament Through His Hairline?

Now we are going to talk about how to tell one’s temperament through his hairline. Hairline refers to the line that set our forehead and hair apart. By different shapes of hairlines, we can tell ones’ temperaments. Although the identification is approximate only and can’t be relatively accurate, we can generally tell one’s characteristics by the shape of his hairline.
  • Square Hairline
The hairline can often been seen on men. High, wide and flat as it is, the hairline could be described as a symbol of uprightness, logic, clear-thinking and pragmatism. Some famous show’s hosts like Liang and Wang Gang have just this kind of hairline.
  • Round Hairline
A lot of women have the hairline. Round is represented for rich and melodious, and girls who have this kind of hairline are usually gentle and soft and she won’t been misunderstood as a tough cookie. Otherwise if a girl has square hairline, she would be more masculine.
  • Messy Hairline
Forehead is the luck of one’s early life. If he who has a lot of messy hair in his forehead, his early life would be not so much easier, which generally indicates his common family financial circumstances and childhood setbacks.
  • M Shaping Hairline
This one is a common thing to middle-aged men, which a typical sign of straining their minds too much.
People like this are usually prudent and calm, and have a good sense of analyzing, but the ones whose hairline are not shaped like this don’t belong to.
  • Low Hairline
Low means the hairline is close to the eyebrows. If someone has low hairlines, his early life could be full of twists and turns, and it could have a huge effects his whole life journey.
  • Widow’s Peak
Widow’s peak is the peak that lies in the upper middle of forehead, the perfect symmetry of chignons, shaped like a circle. The so called “The forehead shaped like been pecked by a rooster, and the one must be miserable in his early life”is just like that. People who got this peak are usually independent in his early life or join the society earlier than others of his age.

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