Wig in the use of the process, if the knot of the situation, then do not pull hard, otherwise it may lead to false or broken out. It is best to use the maintenance of the wiping of the maintenance solution after slowly carefully carefully open, and then the overall carding.
* use the wig not to sun exposure, after the carding out of the hair spray on the hair care for a special care solution, you can, wig usually need to use care solution to protect. Long hair on the hair can get the body's nutritional supply, while the wig is no nutritional supply, in order to protect the normal luster of the luster, each can be washed on the wig after the wig spray special care solution, do more nutrition care, evening leave Issued on the wig.

* remember that if there is a wig out of the case, not a quality problem, this is a normal phenomenon. There is hair loss situation, the wig even more to say.

* in the cleaning of the wig, the first wig combing into the water, remember, it is best not to use ordinary shampoo to clean, I suggest you use a professional wig maintenance solution to clean, so as to ensure that the wig Of the service life. Often wearing a wig to 15 to 30 days cleaning is appropriate, with warm water or cold water cleaning, do not use hot water, wash time can not rub, to static bubble 5 to 10 minutes, and then turn the wash, not like washing clothes Like oh Do not force twist. After washing with a dry towel towing water droplets, choose a real hair wig, but because of improper means of care, making the wig life greatly reduced
* if it is the kind of long wig, remember that you are combing the time, we must gently comb, and it is best not to take into a piece of film to take care of, but need to be divided into a few strands to take care, that when you use the next time, there will be no knot And so on. , Must not be folded or caught in the clothes.

* usually do not use the wig, remember, do not casually put it up, it is best to use a hair network to put the wig on the box to put away, so that when you use the next time, there will be no knot And so on. , Must not be folded or caught in the clothes.
L wig in the comb when the action should be gently unable to pull the hair root, can not use ordinary comb, to use a wig for a comb, iron comb or steel comb, anti-static does not hang the net, can not use plastic comb.
L live hair wig, the advantage is that you can easily take care, hair can be made with hair gel or stereotypes of water, can be used as their own hair to toss, in the choice of wig, the first to make the size of the wig and wearer's head circumference the same The Too small a sense of oppression, affecting the head of the blood circulation, causing headaches, dizziness and other phenomena; too large is the lack of security, on the basis of appropriate models, depending on the width of the forehead, to wear it in the appropriate location. Long, upper court longer, wearing a wig when the edge slightly down, with a certain amount of hair for the set off; narrow, superior court, wearing, the wig edge slightly upward, but not too upward , Leaving a small amount of hair for foil




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