Brazil women 12 years without hair, hair length of 1.6 meters, wash a head to be 4 hours!

Today’s about a long haired woman, who is from Brazil, named Rio De Janeiro Natasha. Natasha hasn’t been cutting her hair for 12 with length up to 160cm. This one could be the best Brazilian Body Wave.
 brazilian body wave
Natasha is fear of hair and her hair is so long. It is said that washing a hair will spend 4 hours washing, and after that,  2 hours to clean the whole combing hair. The trouble has caused Natasha only half a month to wash her head.

 funmi hair
Because of her long hair Natasha became a local celebrity, someone comes deliberately to her with a premium for her long hair. Money lust, Natasha will sell her hair with a total amount of 4 thousand dollars..
 Lace Front Wigs
After cutting her hair, Now Natasha has Fumi hair,she became more temperamental and ready to start a new life. She decided to use the money for her hair to build a new house.



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