How to tell if your wig is real human hair? ways to identify true or f

You can only test a little bit to know if the hair is synthetic or not, while some blacker devil use that kind of human hair which is a mixture of the hair dropped on the barber shop’s floor so that people can not tell the truth of it through fire testing.  To but a real human hair wig, we offer you a way to identify its realness as follows.
Definition explanation: The theory of smooth hair is our cut hair piece and it should be dyed-free and permed-free. Only those ones which has already got rid of hair crushes can be named as that.  
Many people have asked me that it could be better if we keep the hair crushes because the lock parts of hair set in the bottom of your wig cap to fix the rooting of hair well, and the hair would be easy to get twisted with hair crushes around.
porosity test
Porosity Test
The test could test if the surface of your hair, which is by the way horny hair, is damaged or not.
  1. What’s porosity? Hair porosity refers to the ability of horny hair to absorb and permeate humid air and beauty products. Everyone has different hair porosity. When your hair is easy to permeate things, the function of porosity would strengthen as well. In the shade of sunlight, the hair with unevenly color mixed with many other colors can be justified as ground hair.
  2. What’s the difference between porous hair and closed hair? The horny layer of closed hair sticks to head, being able to reflect sunlight to make the hair shinning. At the same time, the hair is not easy to get hurt. The hair with porosity is uneven for the hair crushes of horny layer is open. So the uneven problem of your hair is caused by the failing to reflex sunlight so that the hair looks dim and withered.   
  3. Testing Methods: Putting up a string of hair and straining the end of your hair. Using your finger sliding from the top of your hair to the bottom. If you can feel the roughness, then the hair is penetrable. One thing needed to be aware is that different porosity applies for different parts of head, thus, test must be taken for different parts of head.  
  4. What’s elasticity of hair? The elasticity of hair refers to the hair that can be stretched, straightened and recovered to the previous length. Healthy hair could be draw up to 3 times longer than the previous length. In the time of moisture, the elasticity of your hair would improved. If the horny hair layer get hurt, the porosity of hair would be weakened so that the flexibility of hair could be weakened as well.
  5. Test Methods: You have to pick a hair up first with your index finger and your big thumb closely grabbing both end of the hair. Then stretching in slight power, and trying to figure it out if the length your hair has been changed. Normally, damaged, elasticity lacked hair can not bear any stretch or drawing.
Exclusive Method of Cost Accounting
By the process of wigs manufacturing and management cost, running cost and stock cost. At the moment wigs industry is engaged in manufacturing half-handcraft wigs, and handcraft wigs.
If the wigs you purchased directly by hair making factory with a reasonable price lower than $150, then it couldn’t be human hair.
Usually human hair wigs sold on line are around $150-300.
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