How To Wear A Wig As If It Is Real?

Despite that Wig differs, like Funmi hairBrazilian Body WaveLace Front Wigs, etc.,  ways to wear a wig naturally still fit all.
Here are some tips for wearing a wig.
  1. If your real hair is already around your chin, then you’d better cover it with hairnet because the elasticity of hairnet could prevent your hair from loosing. Hair clips are used to fasten the edge of hairnet to keep your wig from dropping.
  2. The place where your hairnet closed up should be in the back of your head, fastened with hair clips. You can tap it slightly with your hands to make your real hair hold up well. If you have thick or long hair, you could weave it into braid, fastening it with hair clips on the back your head, covered it with hairnet to give your wig an original look.
  3. When you open the cover of your wig, you hold the inner side of the hairnet and shake it softly, and your hair would be so fluffy. It would be more natural when you wearing it. This step is essential because wigs are packaged directly after produced, and the hair of those wigs could be so tide after shaking. (Attention: Please do not comb your curly hair, but you can comb it with your hand softly alongside the curl while shaking if you like fluffy hair.)
  4. A little hair dropping is pretty normal at the beginning. The dropped hair refers to those relatively loose in the process of weaving, and it won’t be like that after a few times of hair care. Please take it easy that it is not a problem of quality.
  5. After set up, the button behind the hairnet should be adjusted. We suggest you to adjust the button to the outside line, and wear it for a try. If you feel it is too relaxing, you can take it off and readjust it to a suitable place, then wear it.
  6. At the moment of wearing, we suggest you find the correct place first, like from the front to the back, and then pull the inner side of hairnet down from the back of your head. It should be done when you pull it to the bottom of your hair with all of the hair net covered. After all that, you can adjust the decorate cloth beside both of your ears to an exact symmetric place.
  7. We suggest you part your hair into one to four indistinctly. Buyers who take hair care frequently would generally part hair with their hands, then comb softly with the comb for special use so the hair could be so smooth. Besides, there is an easier way to get that by combing your hair from the front to the back before you part it with your hand, which could also reach the same goal.
  8. Short Hair Care: Comb the layer of your wig, scratch it with your hands, and your wig would be so natural and fresh.
  9. Long Hair Care: We suggest you grab some hair from your back to your chest, and then scratch the hair beside your ears to give it a natural fluffy outlook.
          For the top part of your wig, combing or scratching is both worked for it.



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