The Key To Take Care Of Your Hair.

Usually when we talk about hair care, we use a wig for the reference (Whatever wigs are available for that, funmi hairBrazilian body wave, lace front wigs. The key to care for your wigs is not a matter of types, but a matter of attention.) , but it's not an easy thing to do to take care of wigs.

lace front wigs

We'd like to explain some tips about haircare.
Wigs, by and large, are born with convenience. Thus we only stress a few points.

funmi hair

Take funmi hair for example. 

1.You'd better clean your funmi hair with cold water or warm water, and you can clean it with common shampoo. Hair conditioner is ok with it, too. 
2.Try not to get close to high temperature for the material of funmi hair can not bear any high temperature. You may clean your funmi hair once or twice a month or so. 
3.In the time of using, try not to push so hard onto your funmi hair in the case of knot, or your hair could be cut or pulled out. The best way is to purchase hair maintanence fluid with sprays, and then combing it with care. 
4.Try not to dry your funmi hair with hairdryer or something like that, but soaked up all of the water on funmi hair by dry towel, and then put it in somewhere ventilates. 
5.Wearing the special non-oil maintenance fluid can help your hair to be smooth and shinning and static-free to keep your hair in moisture, just like a new one.



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