A Journey To Hair Paradise, A Journey To Friendship

Yesterday I have a wonderful experience with my Brazilian friends, Cinthya and Sula, two incredible women, who came all the way from St. Paul, Brazil. If you ask me the feelings of meeting Brazilian friends, I can tell you that the feeling is great. They’re very enthusiastic and confident. The first time we met each of them gives me a warm welcome which is realized by kissing on both sides of each others’ face, which is amazing, cause I’ve never kissed or kissed other strangers like that before. It was awesome. It was such a warm welcome that makes me feel that we’ve already met for a long time and are apparently very good friends. The feeling is wonderful.
We drove from the center of Qingdao to the hair manufacturing factory, located in downtown area of Qingdao. It took us about one hour and a half to get there, and by the time we got there it’s already noon. The factory host take us for a tour of the whole process of hair products manufacturing. You know the whole process of hair production. The collected hair has to be cleaned and disinfected in big barrels first. Then it has to be smoothed, braided, sewed, dyed and some other exquisite works required before it finally turns into a product. In the end only when all of the packaging and inspecting things done can we get nice end products of human hair. Then we went to a warehouse, purchasing some hair products(funmi hairbrazilian body wavelace front wigs, toupeesmen’s hairpiecenon-surgical hair replacement), taking pictures, laughing, and having a lot of fun. We’ve had a great time.
When we got out of the warehouse, it was already about 3 pm. We tried to find some place for our foreign friends to have some lunch, but we were in the suburban area without so many restaurants based here and the time is not perfect at all that nearly all Chinese restaurant has been closed for the moment of the day and couldn’t open until nightfall. So we drove towards the urban area. After half an hour’s searching, we finally found a chain restaurant which is about Chinese hot pot. Our foreign friends had never tried this before, nor can they use chopsticks very well, but they’d love to give it a try. We ordered a seafood pot with vegetables and fungi, something like that, and also some other cool dishes like bean curd sheet roll with spices and chili oil, which is deeply appreciated by our friend Cinthya. Sula likes vegetables and popcorn very much. We ordered beef kebab as well. Cinthya said that the kind of Chinese barbecue is quite different from Brazilian’s. Brazilian barbecue is big, like a chunk of meat burned in the oven, and you sliced them into bite-sized pieces or what else. It differs a lot.
About Cinthya and Sula.
Both of them look younger than their real age, especially Sula, who is already above 60 years old, yet she looks so young, confident and full of energy. You can hardly imagine that a woman of her age could even try different kinds of wigs nearly every day. She can only speak Portuguese and I can’t understand here meaning by her word, but I can tell her happiness through her intonation, her body language and every inches of her smiling face. She is a working book about the secret of staying young. I think the secret lies in being happy. She thinks the changes of outlook could change her feelings so that she use varies of wigs to have different moods. The lifestyle is great and I totally agree with her about that.
The trip is wonderful, and I can’t wait for another time to go.



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