Things You Don't Know, Tips Of Wigs Using

Someone, especially female women would love to wear Funmi hairBrazilian Body WaveLace Front Wigs, or human hair lace wigs to change their image, to be more beautiful. But most people don't know how to handle with those things. Well, let me share the correct ways with you.
Funmi hair, Brazilian Body Wave, Lace Front Wigs
1.In the use of wigs, if have tangle problem, please avoid combing it vigorously, otherwise the wigs are easy to become short and shedding. You should have some water or hair care products, then comb it softly.

2.When you want to make a ponytail, please do not make it tight, or less it will shedding.

3.When you use a wig for a while, it will have shedding problem, please don't worry, it's just common. Because sometimes our hair have this problem too.

4. If you don't use wigs, please take it up with a model, then when you use next time, it will not tangle.
That's all I know, do you get it?



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