A Journey To The Hair Products Factory

You must be so curious about how the beautiful varies kinds of hair products being made, so am I. It can be hardly imagined that such a delicate piece of work could be generated by such normal hands and machines. With all the diligent work done, exquisite crafts born and each pieces of it is the brainchild of their creators. The creators, who are the labors of handcraft industry, suggest spirits of perseverance in every inches of their works. Maybe only when seen the whole process, can you really understands what’s called plain and greats.
I never thought that I could have the chance to visit a hair products factory before, yet here I have, in a lovely sunny day, taken a look at the mysterious procedure of hair products manufacturing and I’m gonna share the special experience with you.
We set off for the factory at about 10 clock in the morning, and it’s already near lunch time by the time we got there. The director, and some other work staffs of the factory welcomed us and took us for a quick look of his factory, thus given special thanks to them here.
The original view of the factory is the dyeing treatments workshop. Pots, steam, smell and a lot of sweat has inhabits the area for a long time. Severe cases as it is, everyone is still busy work here doing their own job, and that’s the truth about how it made a difference.
Then we came to the handmade workshop which is a whole vision of thriving scene. It’s a great place for handcrafts, people have money, opportunity and hope, things were on the up and up. Lots of work here is calculated by pieces they create, but it’s not an easy thing to get an end product.
The original hair sent to the creators’ hands are a huge mess, and it takes time, techniques and efforts to make it tide and smooth and classifies it into different classes. The smoothing and classifying part is like the picture below.
The braiding part.
The sewing part.

As stated by the factory director, we know that a wig need days from a mess of hair into a beautiful smooth wig. Time is definitely needed or there will be no more goodness in it.
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