What’s The Effects Of Grafting Eyelashes?

All ladies desire thick eyelashes, and some of them tried thousands of ways, grafting eyelashes included. Do you know the effects of grafting eyelashes?
No. 1
The eyelashes used for grafting are mostly imported from Japan or Korea, but truth to be told, most importers find their suppliers on their own. Some eyelashes are processed directly from animal furs without thorough sterilizing that would make eyes bloodshot and puffy.
No. 2
Dangers exist in glues as well. Many businesses are eager to make money by cutting down costs in using 502 glues, and the glue could cause serious damages to eyes.
No. 3
For the matter of gluing, grafting eyelashes could be a big trouble no matter sleeping or washing. Girls who are sensitive to foreign matter can feel the pain even if it is only a slightly touching.
Let alone girls who want to use make up. Make-up is utterly a bad dream to grafting eyelashes. Eye makeup, especially eyeliner, is not a comfortable at all and it’s even more a nuisance when taking your makeup off. The oil of makeup would remain at the roots of eyelashes and it would make your eyes to swollen when taken off.
No. 4
As a result of sticking together, the real eyelashes may drop with the grafting ones, then some eyelashes would curl up. Normally at this moment girls would pull it out as well as their real eyelashes.
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